getting the momentum rolling

Keep an eye out for some changes coming up soon.

The first round of critiques is done on the short story, and we’re all hard at work doing our first revisions based on the suggestions we received.  I got a lot of great feedback from the guys in my group which is going to make my story better.  Now I’m in the process of trying to work it all in.  In addition to going back to add some extra description or to fix some logical errors, I’ve got a couple of scenes which I need to completely rework.  One of them just needs to be rewritten to fix the flow.  The other is going to involve a fairly extensive change to the actual story line.

The whole theme of the story is sacrifice.  I thought I could write a story about it without actually having to do it, but it’s just not working.  Several of my reviewers picked up on it, and I think I’m going to have to kill one of my darlings.  I actually listened to a Writing Excuses podcast about that once, and I thought I wouldn’t have a problem with doing it (for those interested, you can listen to it here).  Evidently I do.  It’s harder than you think to kill off a character that you’ve created and invested time with.  I know them all, and even the bad guys are important to me.  So, to kill a good one is, well, tough.

As an aside, if you haven’t listened to the Writing Excuses podcast, you really should.  Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells and Mary Robinette Kowal (recent addition) are all well-established authors who give outstanding practical writing advice.  I’m guessing that if you’re a wannabe writer like me, you’ve heard of them.  But if not, give it a go.  You’ll be glad you did.  Most, if not all, of their past episodes are available to listen to on the website, and the last couple seasons are available for download directly from iTunes.

Getting back on track, I’m excited to give this a good solid revision.  I think I’ll probably add several thousand words to my story which will be welcome because it currently sits at just under 11,000 words.  I wanted to be closer to the 13,000 – 15,000 range.  The longest story of the group is in at about 18,000+ which is long, but the story was very good.

All in all, the stories which have been submitted are all great.  I am fortunate to be grouped with the writers I am because they all bring a great aspect to the group.  The anthology is going to be outstanding.  I can’t wait until we get closer to release.

I’m still trying to decide what to name the story.  I don’t have any front-runners right now.  I’m also trying to decide whether I’m going to publish it under my real name or whether I’m going to use a pseudo.  I wonder if it would be too presumptuous to use something like: “Supreme Commander,” or “Greatest Author Ever.”  I’ll have to mull that over a little more.  🙂

Check back for more updates.  I’m hoping to have some more for you soon.  I’m also hoping to have some more blog posts up on a more consistent basis.


4 thoughts on “getting the momentum rolling

  1. Isn’t feedback great? I, too, am extremely glad for the composition of our writer’s group and the balance of feedback we all offer.

    The closer we get to publication, the more excited I get about the final product. It will be a great experience for us all and will provide great stories for our readers.

    I am also toying with the pseudo idea for some peripheral side projects, but if you use B.V. Larson as an example of a successful author of e-books, he uses his own name AND writes in several genres. I don’t know if it has hurt or helped his author brand, but he doesn’t seem to care about separating his books by both genre and author name. Another reason why I am now leaning towards putting all my writing under one name to simplify the whole author branding/marketing efforts.

    Good luck with your rewrite.

    • I’m really going back and forth on that too. I’ve thought about the simplicity of things all being under the same name. But, at the same time, I always have that worry in the back of my mind that if my project flops (since it’s my first time trying) that I don’t want to muck up future endeavors.

    • I’m not very happy at all.

      I agree with some of the logic that went into the decision, but I think it was a mistake to just bag it, particularly after all the work we had put in. The main justification I saw was that we’re “just not ready.” Perhaps instead of thinking that we’re not ready for the project we should have just realized that we had been a bit overenthusastic or unrealistic with our timelines and goals. I think there were some great stories, and I would have loved to do the project. I, like you, am probably going to just go ahead and self epub my short after I get it finished.

      What do you think?

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