reread (cont’d)

Word Goal:             2500 Words

Words Written:      0 Words

The reread is going fairly well, if a bit slower than I would like.  I just read through some scenes last night that I really liked.  Not because they contained any great action but just for their simplicity and effectiveness at introducing a seemingly unimportant character who actually will become rather involved later.  Often when I’m reading I constantly think that I need to make things better.  Every once in a while I read a scene where it just already feels right.  That’s how this was.

I’ve got a ways to go still to be able to make my goal to have this read by tomorrow night so I can start writing this weekend, but I think it’s still very doable.  I don’t have any early appointments tomorrow, and so I think I’m going to be up late tonight reading.  Actually, I’m looking forward to it.

When you read a book in sections (scenes here and there), it’s very different from reading the book as a whole like you would a novel.  The story really comes a live.  And, it’s letting me see how my writing began to improve as I wrote.  The initial chapters were fun from a story standpoint, but not that well written.  I’m starting to get into the chapters where my writing was starting to become more solid.  Where I was in the groove.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest tonight and tomorrow because I’ve never really gone back and reread these chapters.


I don’t know if any of you noticed, but Brandon Sanderson recently held an Ebay auction for the ability to name a character (i.e., have it named after you) in his upcoming second installment to his Stormlight Archive series.   I previously wrote a post about the first book, The Way of Kings.  You can read it here. Can you imagine?  It actually went for quite a bit of money ($1,825.00), all of which was slated to help the BYU Life the Universe and Everything (LTU&E) symposium held yearly at BYU, Sanderson’s (and my) alma mater.

I think it’s really cool that he did that charity auction to help out the program.

More to come SOON!


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