the name of the wind

Until recently, I had never even heard of Patrick Rothfuss.  However, over a very short period of time, several random people recommended his book to me, The Name of the Wind.  I’d never heard of it and made sure to take a pic with my iPhone of the cover when someone showed it to me so I wouldn’t forget its name.

All I can say is “WOW!”  I don’t know what it is about this story, but it grabbed me.  It’s like my perfect story written the way I would want it to be written.  I absolutely devoured it.  Now I’m well into the second book, The Wise Man’s Fear.  Equally amazing.  I’m stressed that the third book isn’t supposed to come out for a year or two.

Either way, if you haven’t read it, you MUST.  It’s worth the wait.  And, the best part is that the story is so well written that it will be really fun to reread as the release of the third book nears.

When I get more time, I will do a more detailed review.  But, for now, I at least wanted to throw this out there.

You can check out his website at  He has a blog there as well, and he recently posted the text of a lengthy conversation/interview between him and Brandon Sanderson in which he discusses the books, his writing process, some of the behind-the-scenes publishing information, and the like.  Check it out.


2 thoughts on “the name of the wind

  1. The Name of the Wind is a great read. It’s now been more than a year since I read it but it still definitely stands out.

    I thought the beginning was better than the ending, but I think that I’d built up so much momentum that I absolutely steamrolled over the ending.

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