working the bugs out

The writing groups are coming along, though much more slowly than I had hoped.  I am involved with two.  The first is a small group, most of whom seem to be writing epic fantasy like my self.  The other group, though, just merged with a second group.  It is now quite large (13 people).  Neither group has really started posting.  The rules are still being worked out at tweaked. 

I’m excited, though, because my small group starts posting tomorrow.  It should be interesting.  Everyone in the group will post a chapter or so every monday.  Each person then has until Sunday night to review at least 2 submissions before the next posts go up the following Monday.  I’m stoked to start getting my stuff out there and getting some honest critiques.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my family.  But, c’mon, there’s no such thing as unbiased.  Is my mom really going to tell me my book stinks?  🙂

Anyway, with the new deadlines, I’m going to have to start pumping out some serious new material ASAP. 

I joined these writing groups for 2 reasons.  The first is to start getting my stuff circulated and reviewed by other writers.  The second was to put me under deadlines so that I had to start (and keep) writing.

Expect more to come shortly.


One thought on “working the bugs out

  1. I’m curious if you’ll post again soon about our writers group. I for one am finding the process invaluable after the first five or six weeks. Hopefully you are too.

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