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I thought it was time for me to pop in and give a little status update.  I apologize for the VERY long downtime on the blog.  Things have been hectic. 

I am in the process of joining an online writing group.  I’ve debated for quite a while whether I wanted to be part of such a group.  Many authors are and highly recommend it.  The problem for me is that I had no idea where I could join one or how I would even begin looking.  However, I follow an author who is putting together an online writer’s forum which will involve getting grouped into one or more writing groups. 

For those of you who don’t know, this will put me with several other young (by young I mean inexperienced) authors so we can share stories with each other, give/get critiques, etc.  It’s a chance to get some very solid, unbiased feedback on my work.  I mean, c’mon.  My family is going to say they love it no matter what.  These guys/gals, though, could be brutal.  So, it’ll really be the first test my manuscript has had.  It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received.

I set a goal at the beginning of the year to have my novel submitted for publication by 12/31.  That is going to be a VERY difficult goal for me to reach at this point, but I’m going to try.  The way I see it, if I want a 200k (or so) manuscript, I’ve got a good 6-8 weeks of writing time ahead of me at the rate I was averaging when I was consistently writing.  That puts me with a rough draft done by mid October.  At that point I’ll be sending my MS out to various Beta readers (alphas are reading as I write) and will begin a very involved rewrite.  That only leaves, though, 6-7 weeks for that to happen to have a 12/31 submission.

I will say this, though.  Despite my goal, I’m not going to muck up my chances by submitting an unpolished manuscript.  If I just don’t feel it’s ready, I’ll roll over the deadline.  But, if that happens, it won’t be for a lack of trying.  I’m confident I’ll be close.  And, hopefully with this new writing group starting up, I’ll really have to start producing!!!  More updates to come soon.

By the way, in a future post (very soon), I’m going to post another chunk of material, I think.  So, be ready!


One thought on “writing group

  1. Kudos on the blog and in joining the online writing group. It seems there are many more of us than I imagined who wish to follow in Farland’s, Sanderson’s, and Tolkien’s footsteps.

    p.s. I left the same comment on your About page, please delete from there….sorry, new to blogging and commenting….

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