1055 words written tonight

I SO badly didn’t want to write tonight, but the days have been ticking away without any progress whatsoever.  So, I forced myself to sit down and keep my fingers on the keyboard until something came.  I think it’s junk, and I’m probably going to have to scrap most of it.  But, at least I wrote.  It felt good to do it again.  It’s funny how you really have to be in the groove of writing to generate volume.  I feel out of practice, and it’s going to take a few times before I’m back into pumping out dialogue and description like I was before.

That’s ok, though.  At least I’m getting started again.

There’s a scene I need to write with one of the bad guys.  I’m still not sure how it’s going to pan out, but I’m past the point where I need to insert it.  So, I’m going to have to go back and write in a completely new scene a chapter or so back from where I am right now.  I’ve never done it that way before, so this should be interesting.


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