foolish decision

You may recall that in my last post I set a fairly lofty writing goal for this weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it.  Not even close.  I’ll have you know that the mind was willing, but my timing was bad.  It was foolish of me to set a writing goal on Mother’s day weekend.  I knew it was mother’s day but didn’t make the connection in my mind when I put my post together.  Saturday was spent in preparation for today, and today was busy the entire day doing mother’s day stuff.  So, alas, NO WRITING!

I’m going to keep that goal for this week, though, since my inability to write this weekend was due to forces outside my control (ie, husbandly duties)!

I’m going to at least try to get a few words written tonight before bed, though.  It’s only 10:00, and I actually had a bit of a nap today, so I’m feeling good.

Off to the Keep!


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