The last few days have been crazy.  I was averaging 4-5k words per night there for a bit and was making excellent progress.  Then I had to take a few nights off.  Wasn’t feeling well,  working late, and last night doing my taxes until 230 a.m.  Tonight I’m trying to catch up from that still cause I was back up at 730 with the kids.

Tomorrow, though, I’m getting back to it.  When last I wrote I left a scene with a LOT of stuff going on and no resolution.  I’ve tried to puzzle through some of it in my mind, but I haven’t worked it all out.  I find for me that the idea factory doesn’t really get into full swing until the fingers are hitting the keys.  That’s when everything comes together.  So, I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow to see how things pan out.

I got a very relevant criticism from my wife today.  I’ve been going along all this time putting lots of detail into world-building, settings, plots, etc.  But, it seems I’m terribly deficient when it comes to actually describing my characters themselves.  She told me the way she imagined them in her mind, though, which I think fits right in line without how I’ve intended them to be.  So, now I just need to put it on paper.

I’ve only got a little bit to do at work tomorrow, and I’m setting a bunch of time aside for writing.  So, hopefully tomorrow will be a 6-8k day.  I also have a new reader, one of my friends who read an early blog post where I had posted a sample chapter.  Hopefully she likes it.  She’s really my first non-family member who has read it.  It’s weird because it’s so nerve-racking to have someone else read it, but if I can’t deal with it here, how am I ever going to get where I need to be.  LOL.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight.  More to come on the book tomorrow.



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