time flies

At the risk of sounding too cliché, time has flown lately.  I can’t believe we’re now into April, and that nearly two weeks have passed since my last entry.

Things have been terribly busy at work (which is never a bad thing), and I’ve slacked in all things writing.  It’s so hard to come home after a full day’s work, spend time with the family, and then grind out page after page writing when all I want to do is wind down from the day.  It really makes me appreciate the dedication some of these authors have shown in order to initially break out.  All had jobs and forced themselves to do it.  Why?  Because they loved it, and they hated not doing it.

I’m considering a minor but important detail change at the moment in my book.  The two main characters, Leef and Chaman, are brothers, just a year apart, Chaman being the older.  I’m actually thinking about going back and writing them in as twins because I think it’ll give some really cool back story leading up to their selection for the stones!  I haven’t worked it all the way through yet in my mind, and so I’ve got to kick that around a bit more.

I came up with some really cool names today which are definitely going in.  I won’t say where I got them, but once I saw them I knew I needed to include them:  Ovsthus.  Brynjelsson.  Haktor.  I don’t think I have any choice when it comes to Haktor.  He’s got to be bad.  Ovsthus is going to be good, and I’m not sure about Brynjelsson.  I’m leaning toward good with him as well.

Part of the problem I’m having is, I think, trying too hard to not let any other author’s influence show in my work.  The problem with writing as you read other stuff, is that everything you think of seems in some small way related to what you’re reading.  I’m reading a lot of Sanderson right now, and as I go back through my draft, I can see his influence everywhere.  I’m not sure it’s as obvious as I see it, and I’m sure I’m seeing it because I’m looking, but I know it’s there.  If it’s not Sanderson, then it’s Jordan.  I guess that’s why authors always say read lots and lots and lots.  If you’ve got enough influence from enough different people, it won’t look like anybody has influenced it!

In any event, writing a book is crazy. 

More to come soon!


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